Learning Loft, Deira International School

The inaugural in-person meeting for CEAR researchers intended to bring together our 2023-2024 cohort of member schools and their respective researchers. The meeting provided an opportunity for educators to share views, experiences, and research findings aimed at improving teaching and learning outcomes in UAE schools. In addition to our Research School Alliance, Phil Anderson and Sanam Yaqub from the University of Birmingham Dubai’s School of Education were also present to answer any questions researchers might have had.

Key objectives of the meeting included:

  1. Sharing Research Insights: Participants had the opportunity to talk their research topic and talk about their learnings so far.
  2. Collaborative Dialogue: Researcher’s engaged in meaningful discussions about conducting education action research and lessons learned that could help others handle any challenges that arose in their own research.
  3. Support: We considered how CEAR might support them in the coming months, such as through expert collaborations, that could benefit their study.