The Foundation believes that the best approach to the future comes through preparedness. Therefore, students at Universal American School and Deira International School will be offered reallife experiential learning programmes to help them enhance their employability and validate their higher education choices by leveraging the Foundation’s association with Al-Futtaim, which operates hundreds of businesses in over thirty countries worldwide.

These experiential learning opportunities will give students exposure to a wide range of business functions and industries, that most suit their inclination and higher education choices, by:

  • Leveraging the diversity of Al-Futtaim Businesses across automotive, retail, real estate, education, law and more to create work placement opportunities for our students
  • Providing 16-19 year-olds with a memorable experience that helps them build their own bridges to the future of employment
  • Creating a path for growth that supports students’ personal development and their understanding of real workplace challenges.

Students' testimonials:

I attended an internship at the Al-Futtaim Organisation, in which I had the opportunity to work in two different departments: HR and IT. The experience was challenging as well as rewarding, as it allowed me to learn and develop various new skills in two distinct areas of different organisations. I first began at the HR department, where I was able to gain a better understanding of the company’s talent management strategies, recruitment processes, as well as employee engagement initiatives. Through being involved in the HR department I was able to develop my communication skills and organisational skills as well as understand the value of these skills in not only a work environment, but other social environments as well. I then switched to the IT department in which I was assigned to work with the cybersecurity team. I was eager to learn and take on new challenges as I had no previous experience working in cybersecurity. During my time in the IT department, I learned about the different aspects of cybersecurity such as the Internet of Things and network security. The experience helped me gain an understanding of the importance of IT and cybersecurity in today’s business world and how it can be leveraged to improve operational efficiency. All in all, my time spent as an intern at the Al-Futtaim Group was an invaluable experience. I gained exposure to different areas of organisations as well as developed personal skills that would benefit me in my future career. The opportunity to be involved in both the HR and IT departments presented me with a unique perspective on the operations of different organisations and allowed me to understand how different departments collaborate to achieve the goals of an organisation.

During the internship period, as a fashion assistant at Mark&Spencer, I learned so many things. While in the store, I learned how the fashion business store works and its details like how we renew seasonal items and arrange materials, as well as the strategies to attract customers like displaying methods and cleaning often the store. Moreover, the people and managers I met during the internship period helped me to have a better experience with fashion, and store business, and how to deal with customers. It made me a more patient person as well because there were sometimes no customers at the store, so meantime I rearranged the clothes and check every department to make sure everything is good. and use time wisely Also, not only experience from the store, those activities like live sessions, classroom, inspirational Catch-Ups, and reflections made me learn about a good mindset for working and expanded my vision about how to deal with many situations in life. It helped me be more mature, as well as made me prepare better for the future when I become an actual working adult. Overall, it was a very helpful and meaningful experience during the summer that will stay a little part of my memories and experiences that will help my future career and how to behave in society.

As a high school student, completing a medical internship can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. It offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a medical setting, explore different career paths, and develop essential skills that will be valuable in any profession. The internship was also an opportunity to develop valuable personal and professional skills, such as time management, organization, and teamwork. These skills are critical for success in any career, and I believe the experience will serve me well in my future endeavors. In addition, I was exposed to the 9-5 office life that I will most probably be part of my future no matter what track I chose, and this exposure will help give me an expectation about what will happen in the future. Overall, my medical internship was a fantastic experience that broadened my horizons and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the medical profession. I highly recommend this opportunity to any high school student interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

Participating in a two-week internship with Al Futtaim's IT department was an eye-opening experience. The opportunity to work alongside other students with similar interests was an added bonus, as it provided a collaborative and dynamic learning environment. Throughout the internship, we delved deep into the world of SAP and its implementation within Al Futtaim. I gained a good understanding of how SAP is utilized in the company's daily operations and its importance in streamlining business processes. The internship allowed me to see what a career in the SAP field would entail. I was able to observe firsthand the daily responsibilities and challenges that come with the job. This experience was invaluable as it gave me insight into the various roles available in the field and what qualifications are required to excel in the industry. Overall, the Al Futtaim internship was a fantastic opportunity that allowed me to gain practical experience in the IT industry. I am grateful for the experience and believe that it has set me up for a successful future career in the field of IT.

In the week I interned at the Al-Futtaim Towers for my experiential learning programme, I learnt so much regarding the field of study which I aspire to major in - Film, Television and Media Production. I was taught about internal and external communications and the fundamentals of Filmmaking, Social Media, Media Design and how they corporate when dealing with a major business company like Al-Futtaim. Thank you Ms. Ross, Ms. Haya and Mr. Joe for being able to deliver this opportunity to me, and the team at Al-Futtaim for making me enhance my craft.

During the summer of 2022, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in an internship program with Marks and Spencer. As a student pursuing a degree in business management, I was thrilled to have the chance to gain practical experience in the retail industry, and Marks and Spencer was the perfect company to learn from. Throughout my internship, my primary responsibility was to stay on the sales floor and assist with the organization of products. I worked alongside experienced retail professionals to ensure that the store was always clean and organized. Additionally, I was tasked with developing marketing strategies to promote new product lines and increase sales. One of the most memorable experiences during my internship was collaborating with the marketing team to create in-store displays that would attract customers' attention. We experimented with various layouts and designs to create an appealing and eye-catching display. Overall, the internship was an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about the retail industry and gain practical experience working with a reputable brand. I was able to develop my communication and teamwork skills, as well as learn about the importance of customer service and the role it plays in driving sales. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the internship program and look forward to applying the skills I have learned in future endeavors.

My internship at Marks and Spencer was a truly enriching experience. Over the course of the internship, I got to try many different activities, meet new people, and overall experience what it is really like to work in a retail environment. The internship lasted two weeks, and throughout those two weeks, I was able to take on tasks like checking for available stocks, replenishing stocks, organizing the items, and assisting customers. While doing all these different tasks, all the Marks and Spencer employees were guiding me and helping through the processes. In addition to experiencing a real job, I attended multiple inspirational sessions and meetings that gave me advice I will carry with me for the rest of my life. We even got to attend two classes about personalities in the workplace with a teacher specializing in psychology. I learned many new things from my time at Marks and Spencer. Not only did I learn more about how to work in a clothing store, I gained more experience in being responsible. I also learned how to communicate with other people better by communicating with the employees and the customers. Overall, this experience is one I will never forget and one I would recommend to anyone looking to hone their skills and grow.