The AFEF Centre for Excellence in Arabic was founded to support the UAE Vision of ensuring that students have a solid knowledge of the Arabic language and can use it as a language for thought and life. Through its innovative research-based tools, strategies and instruments, Centre for Excellence in Arabic supports Arabic teaching and learning with the curriculum at the centre of attention. The Centre cultivates interest in the Arabic language through a focus on literature, on developing a wealth of curriculum resources, and on providing a platform for action research into the language. The Centre works with publishers to improve reading materials in schools and offers professional development programs for the Arabic teaching community in UAE.

It has also developed content for various EdTech partnerships and a model of phonics instruction that will be used to develop a scaffolded learning game for students to effectively learn Arabic phonics. 

The Foundation’s Centre for Excellence in Arabic has completed research into the High Frequency Words of the Arabic language. The study, based on a corpus of a representative sample of Arabic school curricula from around the Arab World, is the first of its kind. The Centre has also completed the development of a Reading Age Assessment tool that has raised the standards of reading amongst school-age children within our community.