I am incredibly grateful for the Al Futtaim Education Foundation (AFEF) and Deira International School (DIS) for their continuing support and commitment to providing high-quality education and opportunities for personal growth. My journey with AFEF and DIS has been truly transformative, and I'm delighted to share my experiences with them. DIS has been instrumental in nurturing my academic and personal development. The school's commitment to providing a conducive and optimal learning environment has been invaluable. It's not just about textbooks and exams; it's about fostering a holistic approach to education. The opportunities for growth in both academic and non-academic settings have been abundant, allowing me to explore my interests, develop new skills, and truly thrive as a student. What sets AFEF apart is its commitment to going beyond the conventional educational experience. AFEF recognizes the importance of not only empowering its students but also creating opportunities for them to make a positive impact on the world. I was fortunate to witness this commitment firsthand when AFEF provided scholarships to external project incubators, such as the School of Humanity's Future Fluencies Program. These opportunities allowed me to engage with global challenges and innovative solutions, broadening my perspective and inspiring me to contribute to a brighter future. Similarly, the foundation's internship program, tailored for rising seniors, were an eye-opener. These internships offered a practical understanding of the workforce within our prospective fields. They gave us a glimpse of the real world and allowed us to explore our career aspirations, enabling us to be better equipped for our further education and careers. AFEF's commitment to nurturing talent knows no boundaries. Although I may now be halfway across the world, I remain eager to collaborate and contribute to AFEF projects. This very desire to prolong my collaboration with the foundation is a testament to the profound impact it has had on my life. The Al Futtaim Education Foundation has been a beacon of support and opportunity in my educational journey. I am deeply grateful for the exceptional education and life-changing experiences I've gained through DIS and AFEF. It excites me to continue working with them and to be a part of their ongoing initiatives, contributing to a brighter and more promising future. I remain forever grateful to AFEF for making dreams possible and for believing in the potential of every student. Best,